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When it comes to choosing solar, most people are frustrated with
  • Information Overload
  • Feeling Ripped Off
  • Unsure How to Leverage Solar Power

Why Buying Solar Sucks​

😣Biased & Pushy Sales People: Full of “FLUFF”and  trying to get you to buy right away with sleazy sales tactics or lying. We do NOT use the Do Whatever It Takes To Get The Sale Mentality!

😕 Information Overload: So much information out there it’s confusing. What panels should you buy and what the heck is an inverter and so on…Everyone tells you they are and have the best.

💰 Costly: Solar systems are not cheap! It’s an important decision and you BETTER get it right! You will want someone in your corner and not trying to convince you just to get a sale.

😡 Anger: Utility companies keep raising rates with NO end in site. Also, the above about those pushy sales people.

Do Solar Differently!​

Ask Anything Solar created the NO BS SOLAR QUOTE to give consumers a transparent look at solar and talk about what most won’t.


  • Will the numbers make sense for you
  • What equipment is key and you choose the options you feel suit you best
  • Is there an actual environmental impact if this is a concern for you
  • Buying Vs Leasing : Take control of your power & rely less on the greedy utility companies And more…

Solar is Simple

There are a few key points with solar. Many like to muddy the waters making it confusing but it’s actually simple.

Utility Bill –This gives the information needed to see where you are today with usage and a system can be sized according to that.

System Size – Will you be expanding your usage over time. For example, more people living in the home, purchasing an electric vehicle or installing a pool. If so, the system should be sized for that extra usage if possible.

Inverter – There are 2 main inverters used on the market today. They are the engine for the solar system and both have pluses and minuses. We show you them and you decide what you feel most comfortable with.

Panels – There are many options and you can’t go wrong with most of them.

Buy or Lease – There are two main options. Purchase the solar system or lease a solar system.

Financing – If you decide to finance over paying cash, decide which model suits you best. There are a lot of good options and it’s up to you to choose what interest rate and how many years you want to finance for. Most go up to 25 years. Be aware when you finance.  There are dealer fees that we always discuss with everyone.


Ask Anything Solar makes communication stress free and easy to work with.

In person (Depending on location) – Phone Call – Text – Email – Apps like WhatsApp or Slack – Video platforms like zoom or google.

Whatever you are most comfortable with!

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