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About Us

Ask Anything Solar was founded to help the consumer learn about solar without the pressure that most companies or salespeople like to apply. We learned early on that companies want their sales force to be biased to them, even if it’s not the best for the customer. We also learned that utility companies can be a challenge to deal with. Our goal is to do best for the customer and give them an enjoyable solar journey.

We understand a solar company and its salespeople need the revenue to pay the bills. We also understand utility companies need to keep raising rates to pay the bills. However, many industries and solar being one of them, create an environment of greed at the consumers expense. The leaders of many solar companies typically only care about the sale and not the consumer. “Get the sale at all costs” is usually the mentality.

We are here to sell solar as well. However, it must be done in a way that benefits everyone. If there is not a fit, we are ok with moving on. The ultimate goal is to do good for the consumer by helping them see what solar is about and let them decide if it’s for them without the stress provided from high pressure sales tactics.

If you have questions, go ahead and reach out. Remember this, if it ever feels like we are trying to hard sell you or if it feels like things are getting “salesy”, you can stop us right there and kick us out of the home or off the phone or video meeting. Get a NO B.S. quite here —-> Click Here!