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NO BS Solar System

Do Solar Differently!

Use The NO BS Solar System


Not Be Pushy – In fact, if you feel any sales tactics being used or like you are being pushed into anything, tell us to STOP and we can end it right there.


You can go step by step or merge steps together. It’s up to you.


Step 1: We have a Chat: (Usually 15 to 30 Minutes By Phone or Virtual Video Meet)
  • We get to know each other. We want to see if we even like each other enough in order to spend more time together, because it does take time to go through everything properly 
  • Answer any question you may have


Note: If we decide to move forward, getting access to the utility usage information will be requested. Not just the bill.  Depending on the utility, each method of collecting will be different. We will work with you on this. 

Step 2: Discuss ACTUAL current usage & The Solar System (Usually 30 - 90 Minutes By Phone or Virtual Video Meet or In Person)
  • Discuss anything you have on your mind about solar
  • Discuss current usage from information collected
  • Discuss your utility 
  • Discuss and choose the inverter, the engine of a solar system
  • Discuss solar panels
  • Discuss system size and why
  • Discuss energy efficiencies besides solar that can help, if any
  • Answer any questions
Step 3: Chat about the REAL numbers and Tax Credits (Usually 30 - 60 Minutes By Phone, Virtual Video or In Person)
  • Discuss anything you have on your mind about solar
  • Discuss tax credits. There is currently a 30% Federal tax credit and there are state tax credits too, but each state varies. We will investigate what the tax credit will mean to you since it’s different for everyone
  • Discuss all the numbers 
  • Answer any questions
Step 4: Decide Yes or no without the pressure (Usually 15 to 30 Minutes By Phone, Virtual Video Meet or In Person)

Note: If you decide to go solar, it will take longer than suggested to set up the paperwork properly.


  • We regroup and go over any questions you may have 
  • We want to be 100% sure you understand everything
  • Decide yes or no
  • If not, you have been able to make an informed decision and have all of the answers you needed. This is great and you won’t receive any pressure from us
  • If yes, move to the paperwork and you are on your way to being more energy independent and saving money
  • You are happy with your decision because this was an easy and enjoyable journey and pressure free