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    Renters are not able to put solar on a home. It would have to be done through the home owner.
    If you have any questions, want us to speak with the home owner or are planning to buy a home soon, please email ask@gethelpwithsolar.com or text 480-788-8005

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    Average electric bill

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    What drives your curiosity with Solar? (check all that apply)

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    Does it matter where the panels are installed?

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    Remember, we are not like those other companies. NO Pressure or Sleazy Sales Tactics!

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    Please Upload your latest Utility Bill

    Plan on any future additions? (Check all that may apply)

    What would you like the next step to be?

    Schedule a time to talk to learn more? (Schedule a 15 min chat here)

    Email us questions to learn more? (Email questions here Ask@AskAnythingSolar.com)

    Text us questions to learn more? (Text 480-788-8005)

    Set up a video meeting to learn more? (Schedule Here & Request Video Meeting in Comments)

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