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Solar Sales Tactics Exposed
We created this page to help consumers be aware of how most sales people are taught in the solar industry to sell. It makes us cringe watching salespeople do the tactics below to the consumer. Why can’t it be stress free and provide the information needed to help the customer make an informed decision?  Who knows, but seeing enough of it helped us create a much better journey for those interested in solar.

We will catch a lot of sh**t from some solar sales people/companies for showing this but we believe this should be known by the consumer.

We are not saying all sales people or companies are bad but solar falls into the same category as many other industries where it’s many times all about the sale and not the client. For example, when they make you feel uncomfortable or are very pushy so you buy. It sucks!

Premier Energy Group’s focus is giving the customer the information they need to make an informed decision and let them choose what they want. It makes our stomach turn when people are pushed into purchasing. No one wants to be sold, especially like that.

You may have all of these below combined in certain instances. So beware!

Here are a few strategies taught in many industries and solar being one of them.


Feel, Felt, Found

The “I understand how you feel” (Which is funny, how can someone that doesn’t even know you understand how you feel) Then, they will agree with what you say and then hit you with the…
Wait for it…
“So and So felt the same way too.”  (Awe, such a  heart warming and special feeling you should get after this. This is designed to get you to think this is happening to everyone else so you put your guard down and make yourself feel good because everyone else is doing it.  They call this “social proof”.)
But wait, there’s more! This is sooooooo exciting!
“What So and So Found” was blah, blah,blah… whatever is in the salesperson’s best interest to push you into buying.
Nobody cares what others FEEL, FELT or FOUND! All that matters is if solar can work for you or not. Not what others FEEL,FELT,FOUND.

Slickster Salesperson

Usually the old used car salesperson strategy… They are all about the sale and not the consumer at all. 

Many times these salespeople use the fake “rapport building” using compliments. They will scan your property or your house and say…

  • They see a picture in your home & say…Oh, you like to play (Whatever Sport) “I play or my friend plays that sport. They will tell some boring story trying to build that common ground.
  • Hey, I fish too (Yea, they went once when they were 5) 
  • I have kids too..blah,blah,blah
  • Nice shrubs in the front yard…blah,blah,blah
  • What a great house you have…blah,blah,blah
  • Nice car…blah,blah,blah
  • Wow, you have a bathroom, so do I! 😂

They will say whatever they can to butter you up. Be aware!  

Now, since they are now your new best friend because they were so convincing with their fakeness, you might take the next step and get phrases like the ones below. 

  • “This is a great deal, you shouldn’t pass on this.” (Meaning = Of course not because I want that commission NOW!) 
  • “This is my offer today and if I leave the price goes up.” (Meaning = Yea, you can call a week later and get the same deal or better) 
  • “What will it take to get you to sign today.” (Meaning = I am desperate or have A-hole sales managers or owners of the company belittling me into selling you anything to discuss at the next rah-rah meeting.) 

People are not dumb. Being fake like this is B.S.! 

Paint you in the corner

This is the catch you and pin you down style. They will ask all kinds of questions that you will answer unknowingly for the set up later.
Why do you have an interest in solar? (Save money is most answers they get and know that)
What would this do for you if we can save you money?
What does it look like if you keep doing what you’re doing?
If I can show you…, is there any reason why we can’t move forward today?
All of these questions are designed to paint you into a corner and make you feel dumb if you don’t buy from them or buy today.
Another strategy used if you won’t sign an agreement “today”  is to get a commitment in any way they can. That way, if you do, they feel they have the mental commitment and  have control. So with solar, they can get you to prequalify for financing. “You want to think about it? Sure, let’s get you set up with a pre approval so if you decide to move forward we are all set.” They will tell you it’s a soft pull and it usually is, but the thought process behind this is getting you to commit.
Last, and this can be another one used on all tactics, the old ask a question like “are you ready to move forward” and say nothing. The reason behind this, they think or some manager told them, the first one to speak loses control and will cave in. So they will sit there and stare at you until you talk first to win the battle. It’s hilarious! It becomes a super weird situation. So dumb.
Our goal is to have a good journey and let the consumer decide if solar is for them or not using the information they need to make an informed decision. If it is great! Then we let them decide which equipment is best for them. Do we get paid when a sale is made through us? We do. How much, that all depends on the situation. It’s nowhere near where we can fill a pool of gold coins like scrooge Mcduck but it’s not pennies either.
We make pretty good but at the same time we don’t get paid unless solar is installed and we do a lot of work to get to the point. However, that’s what we chose to do and we are not looking for any sympathy.

Our  philosophy is if we do enough good by helping people learn about solar with transparency and if they buy solar or not, good things happen.