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Steps Taken To Buy A Solar Sysytem

Below are the typical steps when it comes to going solar. It does very with each company, installer, city and utility. However, this is a simple foundation.


  • Meet with a salesperson to discuss solar. There are plenty of good ones out there but be aware of the bad. This can take some time depending on who you are working with. Some will take as much time as possible to work you over with the relationship building hoping that will twist your arm enough to buy from them. Others will take the time that you need and get you what you need which is normally how we do it. We limit the “fluff”.  You can learn more here…Click Here to read our WATCH OUT Solar Sales Tactics page
  • During the consultation if you decide to move ahead you will sign the contract or agreement and if you finance you will still apply for that. Know that things could possibly change even after you signed the agreement because of the next step which is usually the site inspection
  • One note to remember: Clients will usually need to sign a form allowing installers to work with the utility, city & HOA if you have one. Whoever is buying the system, usually their name must be in the utility bill

Site Inspection:

  • As mentioned, the installer will send someone out to look at your property. We prefer you to be there for this to let them in anywhere they need to go. Many times they need to see the attic which is a good thing so they can avoid any future issues. It does take a little time but that is also good to limit surprises. Many think the site inspector taking a while is annoying but we would rather have it done right from the start
  • This is where we may find roof issues, panel issues or design issues that need to be looked at and may cost more money which will change the agreement
  • Note: Know that even though you agreed to a price and signed a contract, that doesn’t mean all is done and the system goes in.  There are instances where we need to backtrack to make sure the job is done right

Final Design:

  • When you decided to move forward the design was preliminary. Usually it ends up the way we originally designed but we don’t know for sure until the site inspection is complete


  • Clients will need to sign a form allowing installers to work with the utility. (Whoever is buying the system, usually their name must be in the utility bill)
  • Client signs form allowing installer to work on behalf of client with the city to pull all permitting
  • Permits will be submitted


  • We will be in touch with you for a date
  • Our crews will complete the installation
  • Our crews will clean up

City Inspection:

  • The city inspector will  inspect the solar system to make sure it’s all up to code
  • They will submit approval of the solar system to the utility


  • The utility company will inspect the solar system and approve
  • They will issue a PTO (Permission To Operate)

Power On:

  • A technician will come out and “flip the switch” to turn the solar system on
  • You get access to your monitoring portal


Hurray! You have solar & Saving Money!

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