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Why People Don’t Go Solar

In some instances solar just doesn’t make sense. We have a few reasons why below you can look at and see if it relates. There is always a way around most things but sometimes not and that’s ok, at least you know. 

If you plan to move in a short period of time and want to take your solar with you
Cost to take a solar system off and move to another home would cost too much. You are better off waiting or selling the solar system with your home you are selling. Note: Depending on the situation, going solar now could benefit you when trying to sell your home as there can be a home value increase. However, right now it’s speculative and may not be worth that risk.
Electricity cost is already low
Some people already have a very low electric bill and the numbers don’t add up. The only reason to go in this situation is to keep from the continuing utility company rate increases but it will take time before you see any decent savings if that is what your goal is. Another reason to still go solar is if you plan to add on more additions like Electric Vehicles (EV) or a pool. Also, if you are really into the environment and feel the impact is worth the extra money or breaking even.
The Roof
Too much shading and you don’t want to trim or cut down trees. Sometimes the layout of the roof makes it challenging to put solar on it with too many pitches or the direction that it faces. You just won’t get enough power creation. Or, the roof is in bad shape and needs to be replaced. However, there is great solar financing that could be used to replace the roof and add a solar system.
They are in information overload from companies, reps or the internet. There is also confusion about the tax incentives. This can easily be cleared up.
If you don’t believe solar is good or will work for you,that is your belief and there is no point in doing a bunch of back and forth. No different than politics or religion. A person is going to believe what they believe no matter what information they see and that is ok as long as they are happy. You are best off not wasting your or anyone else’s time.
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