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Why People Go Solar
Save Money
They know someone that is saving and they want in. You can reduce or eliminate your utility bill. We know the utilities keep going up every year and we also know that utility companies most likely do not plan to turn into Walmart and “Roll prices back”.
Energy Independent
People are sick and tired of the utility companies' gimmicks! Own your Power & Slow or Stop Inflation. You are able to create your own power and depend less on the utility company. Utilities have a history of driving up rates and need to in order to keep up with grid updates and keep lining their pockets. They will get you one way or another. Look at the confusion they create with all the fees and taxes they slap on your bill. It’s ludacris!
Can Increase your property value
Studies have been conducted across the US and they consistently conclude that solar systems can increase the value of a home by around an average of 4% but can be as high as 9%. And this is on top of the immediate savings you will get on your electricity bills. However, to be transparent, there is always that chance that it doesn’t increase the value of your home. What we are saying is don’t make this the main reason to go solar and use it as “icing on the cake” if all works out for you on the sale of the home. This is where you want to make sure you have a good agent who fully understands solar when it comes to selling. If you need one, let us know and we will connect you.
It’s Renewable Energy
It’s environmentally friendly and the sun keeps coming up. It’s a resource that doesn’t seem to be going away and just keeps giving. The sun essentially gives you free energy to tap into.
Ease Of Entry - $0 down
REMEMBER solar is NOT free like how many companies try to lead people on. It still costs the consumer but the goal is to make the numbers work and many times the numbers work in their favor. Solar finance companies are willing to absorb any upfront cost and factor it into your monthly payment to make sure that you are comfortable for the next 10, 15, 20 or 25 years with a payment that makes sense. There are a lot of good finance options and you are able to get in for $0 down. There are “dealer fees” that affect the price of the solar system and you can learn more about then by clicking NO BS Solar System
Environmental Impact
You can reduce the use of fossil fuels and cut down on pollution while creating your own clean energy. When we run the numbers for you, within the estimate, you will see how much you cut down the pollution while creating your own energy with solar power. It benefits the planet now and for future generations.
Federal & State Tax Credit
The politicians, as normal, are providing tax credits in hopes to make themselves look good and get your vote. So why not use the tax credits that are offered while they last?

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